Town Council
The Butner Town Council met on October 5, 2017. During Public Comment, James Thigpen expressed concern about potential accidents between speeding cars and children on Massimo Drive. Butner Public Safety Chief Roberts stated he was aware of the problem and was looking into solutions. Mayor Cates read a proclamation observing October 8, 2017 as a day to recognize patriotic service and dedicated efforts of fire and emergency services personnel. The proclamation coincides with National Ringing of the Bells, which took place during a special service at the Butner Presbyterian Church on the same date. BPS personnel participated, including Captain Champion, who rang the bell. Chief Roberts recognized Sgt. Williams, Sgt. Massey and Mrs. Harris for coordinating a successful National Night Out held on October 3, and thanked Town staff and the Boy Scouts for their help. Chief Roberts also recognized Sgt. Hogue for coordinating traffic and parking for the Camp Butner 75th Anniversary Celebration. Chief Roberts commended Sgt. Hogue for securing a medicine drop box at no cost. BPS will launch Operation Medication Drop, which will allow residents to bring in outdated or unexpended medication that will be destroyed. A dedication ceremony along with its launch will be announced soon. The new Fire Truck will arrive soon.

Paving F Street from Central Avenue to 33rd Street will begin soon. Prior to paving, the culvert will be replaced as well as old, failing stormwater piping. The culvert and piping should help eliminate some of the stormwater problems. Watch the website and newspaper for detours and street closings during this process. An engineering contract was approved for the sidewalk project on Central Avenue, between B and D Streets. The NC Dept. of Commerce recently granted the Town a $50,000 revitalization grant. Last month, the Town approved an additional $50,000 to fund the entire project. 

The assessment roll for the Wynngate Street Improvement Project has been confirmed. The confirmation is the final step prior to sending out assessment bills to Wynngate residents. Residents should receive their invoices by the end of October, with a 5% discount for paying in full by the end of November. Residents can also choose to pay the assessment over 5 years with a 5% interest rate. The first of the 5 installments will be due by the end of December. If you have questions, please call Town Hall at (919)575-3032. 

Council adopted rules for the D Street Field and Gazebo Park. Along with the BAP and SMSA, the D Street Field and Gazebo Park will require completion of rental applications and agreements prior to use. The newly adopted rules include regulations for conduct, smoking and firearms. The Little Library at Gazebo Park should be in place the week of October 9. This is a project by the South Granville Rotary Club. At the request of Council, staff will research lighting options for the BAP sign. Mayor and Council thanked all those involved with the Camp Butner 75th Celebration with positive feedback noted on both days of the celebration. 

Planning Board
Butner Planning Board will meet on Thursday, October 12, 2017. The agenda includes a rezoning application, consideration of a preliminary plat for Applewood Townes West and three text amendments to the Land Development Ordinance. The meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Meeting Room at Town Hall.

Board of Adjustment
The Butner Board of Adjustment will not meet this month.

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