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Wynngate Subdivision petitioned the Town of Butner to make street improvements and subsequently take over road maintenance and ownership. Based upon state statutes, now that the improvements are complete, the Town will now begin assessing property owners for their cost of the improvements. An assessment invoice will be mailed to each property owner of record on Thursday, October 26, 2017. Please see below for more information.

1. Why am I being assessed for street improvements?

The project is a result of petitions received by the Town from property owners within Wynngate Subdivision for street improvements to the following streets: Phelps Court; Ridgeland Drive; Hunter Court; Massimo Drive; Shining Water Lane; Summerfield Lane East; Muirfield Drive; Sugar Hill Drive North; Summerfield Lane West; Atreus Lane; Andrews Court; Whitman Drive; and, Jackson Court. On April 7, 2016, the Butner Town Council adopted a Preliminary Assessment Resolution for Street Improvements to Wynngate Subdivision. You are the property owner of record according to the Granville County Tax Assessor’s Office.

2. How was the assessment calculated?

The assessment on each property was calculated using a formula that took into account the acreage and amount of road frontage of each lot. 50% of the assessment is based on the percentage of acreage of each lot as a proportion of the total acreage of the subdivision. The remaining 50% was based on the percentage of road frontage of each lot as a proportion of the total road frontage assessed of all properties in the subdivision.

3. Were any concessions made for corner lots?

Corner lots were assessed using the same formula for acreage but only 50% of the road frontage was assessed.

4. What if I did not receive notice that my property was being assessed?

Letters were mailed to the property owners of record with the Granville County Tax Assessor’s Office. In addition, a notice was published in The Butner-Creedmoor News on September 21, 2017 stating that the preliminary assessment roll had been completed and available for viewing at Town Hall. 

5. How will I know the amount of my payment?

By October 26, 2017, an assessment invoice will be mailed to the property owners of record. There will also be a public notice published in The Butner-Creedmoor News on October 26, 2017. The invoice and the notice will state that the assessment roll has been confirmed and provide the payment terms. Beginning in 2018, the assessment will appear on the annual tax bill from Granville County.

6. What are the payment terms and dates?

November 27, 2017: Last day to receive the 5% discount for paying the assessment in full and to pay without incurring 5% interest.
December 28, 2017 – 2021: Last day to pay the annual installment payment plus accrued interest. If an installment assessment is not paid on or before this date, all installments remaining unpaid immediately become due and payable.
January 27, 2018-2022: Assessment liens may be foreclosed on any time after this date on property with payments in arrears.

7. How do I pay my assessment?

Granville County Tax Assessor’s Office
Physical Address: 141 Williamsboro Street, Oxford, NC 27565
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 219, Oxford, NC 27565
Cash or check payments accepted. Credit card payments are not accepted. Please make check payable to: Granville County and note “Butner Assessment.”

8. Who do I call with questions?

For assessment questions, contact Susan Hiscocks, Town of Butner Finance Director at (919)575-3033. For payment questions, contact the Granville County Tax Assessor’s Office at (919)693-4181.

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