Town Council
The Butner Town Council met on February 1, 2018. Following public hearings to consider text amendments to the Land Development (LDO), Council approved the amendments. Two alternate appointments were added to the Planning Board. Alternates were requested by the Board to assist with quorum problems. Council also approved changes that will allow the Ordinance Administrator to give final approval on Major Subdivision Final Plats.

Council held a public hearing and considered REZ-18-01, an application to rezone approximately 12 acres on West B Street adjacent to Carolina Sunrock’s administrative offices. The applicant requested rezoning the property from Light Industrial (LI) to Heavy Industrial with conditions (CD-HI) to allow a concrete crushing and recycling business, and to limit the types of light industrial uses allowed on the property. Conditions for the concrete crushing and recycling business include utilizing the existing cleared portion of the property located to the rear, near the railroad track; leaving the existing wooded areas undisturbed; and, using a crusher that will minimize dust, sound and vibration, with no byproducts.  If the property is not used for that use, Council also approved the condition to limit the types of uses that could be located on the property. All of the approved uses are currently allowed by right in the Light Industrial district, except for research and development, which Council voted to require a Special Use Permit before being located on the property. Between the applicant explaining the equipment and process, and Council approving conditions for the site, citizen concerns of increased traffic, noise, dust, and vibration should be satisfied. The public hearing for REZ-18-02 was continued at the applicant’s request, until March 1, 2018. 

Council authorized a separate investment account for the Stormwater Fund and approved an agreement with the NC Local Government Debt Setoff Clearinghouse.

Due to 125 delinquent Wynngate street assessment payments, Council voted to a one-time waive of acceleration to April 15, 2018 with property owners paying either the full assessment plus accrued interest or an installment payment of a minimum of one-fifth of the assessment plus accrued interest. Assessments remaining delinquent after April 15, 2018 will be collected through all means made available to the Town by NC General Statutes, including debt setoff, levy and foreclosure. Registered letters will be sent accordingly.

A contract for concessionaire at Butner Athletic Park (BAP) was awarded and an agreement with DanCo Builders was awarded for constructing the Veterans Life Center in the amount of $6,512,000.00. Council voted to appoint or reappoint four candidates to the Planning Board for 4-year terms. Alan Lane was reappointed as a regular member. Richard Campbell (regular), Bill Cheek (alternate) and Michael McFadden (alternate) were appointed as new members. 

Council adopted a resolution to award retiring Butner Public Safety Lieutenant Gregory Perry his badge and service sidearm. Following 29 years of service with Butner, he will retire on March 1. The following officers have been promoted: Sgt. Hogue to Patrol Lieutenant, PSO Ruby to Patrol Sgt., PSO McAdams to Support Services Sgt.

Staff reported a light has been installed for the Butner Athletic Park (BAP) sign and will now come on after dark. Playground equipment for Lake Holt has been ordered; installation is unknown. Project plans for the additional sidewalk along Central, B-D Streets, has been sent to the state for approval. NCDOT has scheduled a public informational meeting for the realignment of West Lyon Station Road on February 27, 2018 at Town Hall, 4:00 – 7:00 PM. 

Council Members Birdsong and Gooch provided a report from the recent SGWASA meetings. The cost for upgrading the Water Treatment Plan is $7.3 million, which will include updating manual equipment to automated. Sludge has been removed from the Waste Water Treatment Plant. Mayor Turner reported he has been in touch with the USPS to realign zip codes so businesses and residents in Butner do not have a Creedmoor address. USPS is in the process of gathering data to evaluate the request.

Planning Board
The Butner Planning Board will not meet this month.

Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee
The Butner Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee will hold a special meeting on Monday, February 12, 2018 to continue to plan this year’s Easter Egg Hunt. The committee will meet at 6:30 PM in the Mayor’s Conference Room in the Administrative Offices at Town Hall.

Board of Adjustment
The Butner Board of Adjustment will meet on Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 7:00 PM. An application for Special Use Permit will be considered at this meeting.

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