Town Council
Butner Town Council met on August 2, 2018. The Landscape Beautification Committee recognized Benito Juarez & Silvia Contreras of 1716 Cobblestone Drive (Blackstone Subdivision) as August’s Yard of the Month (YOM). A sign will be posted in their yard in appreciation of their beautiful yard. HagarSmith presented the final design for the 701 Fire Station Renovations (aka Fire Station #3). It was approved by Council. At the request of the applicant, Council again continued the public hearing for REZ-18-04, Gardners Ridge PUD, until September 6, 2018. 

Council held 4 public hearings for planning-related cases. The first public hearing was continued from the July 12 meeting. Council considered an amendment to the Land Development Ordinance (LDO) to increase the number of dwelling units allowed per entrance from 50 to 75, with an option of up to 100 dwelling units if the developer is able to prove specific project constraints such as topography or natural site features, as approved by Town Council. Council followed staff and Planning Board’s recommendations and voted to deny the proposed amendment. Council also considered and approved a text amendment to the LDO to reduce the minimum front building zone in the Central Avenue Mixed-Use District (CX) from 15 feet to 0 feet. A rezoning was approved to rezone 0.52 acres on Central Avenue from Central Business (CB) to CX for a mixed-use development on the properties commonly known as the old Exxon and Car Lot. The final public hearing was held for a proposed rezoning on Joe Peed Road for 60 townhomes, known as Applewood Townes East. Council followed staff’s recommendation and voted to approve the rezoning without the condition of requiring a traffic impact analysis. Staff will study the roads, potential impacts on our road design network and work with NCDOT to plan for these improvements on a local level, not on the basis of each individual development.

Council considered and approved temporarily suspending the “No Alcohol” rule for the Soldiers Memorial Sports Arena September 28-29 for the Butner Freedom Fest as requested by the Chosin Foundation. Cpt. Champion asked Council to approve awarding Sgt. Venable with his service weapon when he retires this month. 

Council Comments
Mayor Turner: provided an update on stop lights. A light has been approved for the intersection of B Street and Central Avenue, without funding. The light at C Street and Central Avenue is scheduled to have its timing updated this fall. While a stop light has not been approved at D Street, additional crosswalk signage will be added. Mayor Turner also gave an update on the zipcode boundary. He stated that it is not cost effective and the Butner Post Office is not big enough to add two more routes.
Councilmember Gooch: shared that the SGWASA board is working with the MAPS Group to define the qualities it wants in its new executive director.
Councilmember Lane: stated he gave water resources materials he received at the last COG meeting to Councilmembers Birdsong and Gooch. The DOT STIP Plan is still available online and he encourages everyone to go online, view the proposed improvements and provide feedback to NCDOT.
Councilmember Smoak: Members of the Landscape Beautification Committee met with staff and the representative from Mosca about new Christmas decorations. The Town will get new pole decorations. She also brought up the topic of cutting down the old Cedar tree in Gazebo Park and getting a new tree. The Town may wait to buy a new tree until the first of next year due to the greater discounts available. 
Councilmember McKellar: the Military Holiday Committee meets the second Monday each month. The committee will be planning the upcoming Veterans Day Ceremony in November.

Planning Board
The Butner Planning Board will meet on Thursday, August 9, 2018. There are two action items on the agenda: 1) Rezone property on East Lyon Station Road for a mixed-use development; and, 2) Text amendment to comply with what Durham City/County is doing with their FIRM Maps in October. The Planning Director is also planning to make a brief presentation on the Town’s 2020 Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

Community Watch
Butner Public Safety will hold its monthly Community Watch Meeting on Thursday, August 9, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. in the Camp Butner Room at Town Hall. If you have questions, please call Sgt. Massey at (919)575-6561 x. 103 or Sgt. Williams at (919)575-6561 x.111.

Board of Adjustment
The Butner Board of Adjustment will not meet this month.

Concessions at Lake Holt is now open! Alicia Chamberlain with Just Chillin It is our new concessionaire and invites you to the Lakeside Grill. Check out the new menu as well as the many improvements that have been made since the end of July. The official grand re-opening is scheduled for the weekend of August 24-26.

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