Town Council
Butner Town Council met on September 6, 2018. The Mayor and all Councilmembers were present except Councilmember McKellar. The Town Manager, Thomas Marrow, added three items to the agenda related to creating a School Resource Officer (SRO) position for Butner Public Safety (BPS). No one present commented during the public comment period. The first item on the agenda was the continuance of the public hearing for REZ-18-04, Garners Ridge PUD. The applicant provided Council with a written request to withdraw the case from consideration. Council voted to approve the withdrawal. The second item as an application to rezone approximately 57 acres on East Lyon Station Road from Light Industrial (LI) to Conditional District Planned Unit Development (CD-PUD), commonly referred to as East Lyon Station PUD. The Planning Board considered this application at its meeting in August and voted 4-2 to approve the rezoning with conditions as recommended by staff. Planning Director Mike Ciriello presented this case to Council. After public hearing, comment by the applicant and discussion, Council voted unanimously to approve the rezoning with conditions: 1) buffers between the proposed lots and parcels zoned light industrial (LI) and multi-family residential (RMF) as required by the Land Development Ordinance (LDO) must be included on the preliminary and site plats; 2) landscaping and other site requirements, including stormwater, will be reviewed during the site plan review process; and, 3) the second point of access to the residential areas to either the entrance to the commercial/mixed-use section or to E. Lyon Station Road must be shown on the preliminary and site plans. Council also approved the required consistency statements. Council also held a public hearing for a text amendment (A.18.07). Essentially, Durham City/County will be adopting new flood plain maps and Butner will no longer will be included. The LDO specifically references the Durham maps. Butner’s data will be included when Granville County updates its maps. When Granville County’s maps are updated, the LDO will be amended to reflect these changes. Council approved the text amendment and consistency statement. 

Manager Marrow presented the July 2018 Financial Report due to the absence of the Finance Director. Council approved a budget amendment to cover unanticipated BPS capital outlay expenditures for FY2018-19. BPS has encountered the following unexpected expenses: 1) the price of the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) has increased from the estimate received during the budget process; 2) a patrol car was involved in an accident caused by another driver and considered a total loss. insurance will pay all but $2,329 of the cost of a replacement vehicle; and, 3) the replacement of a 5 tone air conditioner and two air handlers. Council also voted to update the SGWASA Water Shortage Response Plan Ordinance to the temporary Executive Director. The contract requires a specific person be mentioned. Council voted to create a new position for BPS for a SRO for Falls Lake Academy. The SRO will be a BPS employee but FLA will reimburse BPS for the officer while they are working for the school. Two officers will be trained as SRO’s. 

Monthly reports were provided by the Town Manager, Planning and Recreation Director, and BPS Chief. Here are some highlights from the reports:
Town Manager: He met with NCLM Risk Management staff to assist the Town in updating its overall Safety program. He also met with officials with Ritchie Brothers to connect them with NC Dept. of Commerce to have their facility listed for sale and/or lease worldwide. The grading plan for the VLC project has been approved. They are waiting for approval on the building design. Comments are due next week. The Town is still waiting for NCDOT to release their comments on the proposed sidewalk between D and E Streets.
Planning & Recreation Director: The Planning Board will meet on September 13 for the first of a series of workshops. Staff is wrapping up draft documents for Traffic Impact Analyses and Town-owned streets and rights-of-way. 10 permits have been issued in the past 30 days and staff has reserved over 100 hours of use at Butner Athletic Park (BAP) and D Street fields. Staff approved a temporary certificate of occupancy (temp CO) for the new high school at Falls Lake Academy. It is good for a period of 90 days which should provide the engineer and construction manager enough time to complete the stormwater and landscaping components of the project. 
BPS Chief: The next Community Watch meeting is September 13 at 6:00 pm in the Camp Butner Room at Town Hall. A new telecommunicator, Kaitlyn Elliott, started on August 20. A new PSO, Christian Mejia, started on August 13. He is the first fully bilingual officer for BPS. National Night Out will be held October 2 at BAP. 

Council Comments
Councilmember Smoak: The Landscape & Beautification Committee recommended installing American flags on NC 56. Manager Marrow revealed that due to the existing hardware on utility poles, there will be larger gaps between the flags, more than with the Christmas decorations. She also discussed broadening the distribution of the Town newsletter to all Butner residents. Staff will research the cost of expanding the production of this service the Town provides to its citizens and visitors.
Councilmember Lane: stated he was proud to serve on behalf of the Town for the COG and that there is good representation for the RPO Transportation committees.
Councilmember Birdsong: provided this month’s update on SGWASA. The board approved the job description and job announcement for the the new Executive Director. 
Councilmember Gooch: attended the ribbon cutting ceremony at Lake Holt in August.
Councilmember Branch: enouraged everyone to get up to Lake Holt and endorsed the food at the new LakeSide Grill. BCA will meet on September 20 to confirm new officers and start planning holiday events. All are invited to attend.
Mayor Turner: attended a Continuity of Operations Planning meeting at Polk Correctional Institutional. Combat veteran Allen Chesser will be the keynote speaker for this year’s Veterans Day Ceremony. Mayor Turner attended Sgt. Venable’s retirement party. He attended both ribbon cutting ceremonies for FLA’s high school building and the new playground equipment at Lake Holt. He discussed the potential acquisition of Umstead Correctional Center on D Street with the Deputy Director of Prisons. It may be recommended for consideration to the State. 

Planning Board
Due to Hurricane Florence, the Butner Planning Board Workshop scheduled for Thursday, September 13, 2018 has been postponed. Meeting date, time and location TBD.

Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee
The Butner Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee met on Monday, September 10, 2018 at 6:30 pm. We discussed the next event, the Annual Community Campfire, BCA’s Movie at Lake Holt, and other Town happenings. The Campfire will be held on Saturday, November 3 at 6:00 p.m. Be on the lookout for more information in coming weeks. 

Board of Adjustment
The Butner Board of Adjustment will not meet this month.


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