Town Council
Butner Town Council met on Thursday, October 4 for their Regular Monthly meeting. The mayor and all members were present for the meeting. Two proclamations were read by Mayor Turner and presented to Butner Public Safety Chief Roberts. One recognized October as Crime Prevention Month. The other proclaimed October 7-13 as Fire Prevention Week; this year’s theme is “Look, Listen, Learn. Be aware – fire can happen anywhere.” A third proclamation recognizing October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month was read by Mayor Turner and presented to Councilmember Birdsong. Councilmember Birdsong and his wife volunteer with Granville County Families Living Violence Free. A tree was placed in Town Hall in memory of North Carolinians who have lost their lives to domestic violence this year. The tree will be displayed for one week in each of the county’s municipalities.

Council approved funding of $500.00 for the Granville County Veterans Affairs Committee. Council took necessary action to close out the second phase of the Central Avenue sidewalk project, which ran from the Credit Union to the Post Office. Council granted permission for BCA to install new basketball goals and backboards at Gazebo Park. In order to prevent equipment from being destroyed, they will research equipment, lighting, and police patrol options prior to making a final decision. Staff will assist with this project. Council also approved the Landscape & Beautification Committee’s request to place flags on eligible utility poles along NC Hwy 56, East Lyon Station Road and West Lyon Station Road. It is the Committee’s hope that this effort will help people identify these areas as being part of Butner.

Council also discussed and approved mass mailing the quarterly newsletter to Butner residents for the last two quarters of the fiscal year. The estimated cost is $6,500.00. A budget amendment will be required. This will include Butner residents with Creedmoor mailing addresses. This is an attempt to reach more citizens who may not have internet access or other means to acquire a copy of the newsletter. The newsletter will still be available on the website and Facebook pages. Mailing will begin with the Spring 2019 edition. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be Thursday, November 1, 2018.

Town Manager Marrow shared that he met with John Snow, the new Granville Health Center Administrator. Topics of discussion included the potential growth in southern Granville County and how healthcare can be improved in the area. Most permits have been approved for the VLC project. Construction should begin soon. The Town is still waiting on NCDOT’s comments on the Central Avenue Sidewalk Extension Project between D & E Streets. The 701 Fire Station Remodel will go out to bid in a week or so. The Town Attorney is putting the final touches on the bid document. Staff will begin reviewing model code enforcement ordinances from other towns to see if we can update our existing ordinances where we seem to have the most of our complaints. The Town has purchased a decibel meter. Once standards are established, this will be used to help with noise complaints. The Town will need to install a ventilation hood at LakeSide Grill. A budget amendment will be needed to complete the installation. 

Planning Director Ciriello explained that since the Planning Board meeting was postponed in September because of Hurricane Florence, the Board will meet on October 11. Staff will be conducting the first in a series of workshops for board members to review the 2020 Comprehensive Plan, Traffic Impact Analyses (TIA), Planned Unit Development standards, and legal procedures. Town Council is invited to attend. Staff has completed draft documents for TIA’s and Town-owned street rights-of-way. Staff met with Granville County to review the Comprehensive Plan. The CTP Map has been formally adopted by NCDOT. The Town has requested data for several roads including East Lyon Station Road and Central Avenue to be re-reviewed to ensure Butner is on its list for improvements over the next 10 years. Staff has issued 13 permits and reserved 96 hours of use for public recreation facilities. Ahead of Hurricane Florence, staff created an Emergency Preparedness and Response platform on the Town website, posting data and links for residents to help before, during and after the storm. Staff created a Flood Hazard Map to identify locations where flooding regularly occurs. The map and information is available online: www.butnernc.org/residents/storm-preparedness

BPS Chief Roberts reported that National Night Out was held on Tuesday, October 2 and was another success. A new Public Safety Officer, Adam Callahan, started on September 10. BPS currently has vacancies for a Telecommunicator and a PSO. BPS worked with Diner 56, Lake House Signs and C&C Construction to solicit non-perishable donations for Hurricane Florence victims in Wilmington. These donations went directly to low-income families hit hard by the storm. Chief Roberts also provided a list of notable calls for Fire, Police and Services since the September meeting. The next Community Watch Meeting will be held on Thursday, October 11 at 6:00 pm in the Council Meeting Room at Town Hall.

Council Comments
Mayor Turner stated he also met with John Snow. Falls Lake Academy first graders took a tour of Town Hall and Butner Public Safety. He attended Freedom Fest last Friday and had the opportunity to meet the children of fallen veterans and other veteran families. Granville County Chamber of Commerce is hosting its annual Cluck ‘n’ Shuck at the Red Barn on October 26. If you are interested in attending, the mayor has tickets available.
Councilmember McKellar attended this year’s Council of Governments (COG) Banquet. He also attended this month’s UNRBA Board Meeting. He also met with the Department of Ag and took a tour of our area’s endangered and protected plant species.
Councilmember Smoak discussed that the Landscape & Beautification Committee recommended putting flags on Highway 56 for Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Staff has flagged Hwy 56, East Lyon Station Road and West Lyon Station Road. Purchasing money will come from the committee’s budget. Ms. Smoak attended the last TDA meeting. The Town requested $40,000 and was approved for $30,000. A formal request is required to receive the funds. She also promoted this weekend’s annual Harvest Show.
Councilmember Birdsong had no comments.
Councilmember Gooch also attended the COG Banquet. He provided the monthly report for South Granville Water and Sewer Authority (SGWASA). The board met on September 11 at which the annual report was presented. The contract with the firm to search for the new executive director has been executed. The evaluation study of resources will not be completed until Spring 2019. A special meeting was also held in September. The sewer line that collapsed on Veazy Road during Hurricane Florence was discussed. C.A. Dillon is the only connection to the line and there is no easy or immediate fix for this issue. 
Councilmember Branch attended National Night Out. He also stated BCA is gearing up for Christmas events. The next BCA meeting will be held Thursday, October 18 at 7:00 pm in the Camp Butner Room at Town Hall. 

Council adjourned at 8:15 pm to closed session. 

Planning Board
The Butner Planning Board will hold a workshop during its regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 7:00 pm. The meeting will be held it the Camp Butner Room at Town Hall. 

Community Watch
Butner Public Safety will hold its monthly Community Watch meeting on Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 6:00 pm. The meeting will be held in the Town Council Meeting Room at Town Hall.

Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee
The Butner Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee does not meet this month.

Board of Adjustment
The Butner Board of Adjustment may meet on Thursday, October 25, 2018. To find out more, please call Town Hall at (919)575-3032.   

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