Town Council
Butner Town Council met on Thursday, November 1, 2018 at its regularly scheduled meeting. During the public comment period, Anthony Dawkins of 15th Street addressed Council and requested a better way to notify the public when CRH & MDC patients leave their campuses, especially for those in the community that do not use Facebook. BPS Chief Roberts addressed this concern by explaining BPS had discussed using CodeRED in the past and would be willing to reopen the discussion about utilizing this notification system. Stay tuned for more information.

Based on an update from the Town Manager, Council voted to cancel the previously approved budget amendment to assign a PSO to Falls Lake Academy as an SRO. The contract could not be completed, so the position is not needed at this time. Council approved a Budget Amendment in the amount of $3,450 for mass mailing the Town’s newsletters to Butner residents for two quarters, beginning in January 2019. Mayor Turner addressed the ad hock dissolution and formation of committees. After a brief discussion, Council voted to approve the dissolution of the Website Subcommittee, which was created to help guide the redevelopment of the Town’s website a couple years ago; and, agreed that a committee was not needed to help staff with the newsletter and other public information initiatives at this time. Council also voted to approve the Veterans Life Center Grant Project Ordinance Amendment 3 which accepts $120,000 from the Golden Leaf Foundation and reclassifies funds in order to make the Grant Project Budget line items equal to those of the Grant Budget maintained by the Grant Administrator. 

Staff presented a proposed Shared Vacation Leave Policy to Council. The Town would like to offer employees the opportunity to help a coworker on FMLA by allowing the donation of vacation leave. Council requested additional information and this item was tabled until the next meeting. Before adjourning to closed session, Council voted to adopt the 2019 Meeting Schedule.

Town Manager: Mr. Marrow met with Jerry Ayscue, SGWASA Interim Manager, to discuss sewer availability for several areas in Butner. A full report should be released within a month or so. He also met with developers interested in several large tracts of land for both commercial and residential projects. At this time, sewer is not available and disclosure of locations is not permitted. Mr. Marrow attended the quarterly luncheon at the FCC. Discussions included what went well during Hurricane Florence and what did not go well. Many of their employees were stranded at the facility unable to leave due to high water on Hwy 75. The same was true for the shift trying to get to the FCC. The Town allowed FCC buses to stage at Gazebo Park waiting for new instructions and park vans at Town Hall. The Town will advertise for sealed bids for the renovation of the 701 building. The bids will be received on Thursday, December 13. The official name (with Council’s approval) will be “Butner Public Safety Training Center.” 
Planning Director: Staff held the first workshop for the Planning Board on October 25th to review the Comprehensive Plan. The next workshop will be held on November 8, to review Traffic Impact Statements and other transportation-related topics. Two members of the Planning Board resigned: A.A. “Buddy” Prince and Patricia Thorpe. Both were longtime members and served the community well. Mr. Prince was also a member of the Board of Adjustment. Staff hopes to fill their positions by January. Staff completed its annual collection of development data for Falls Lake reporting and the NPDES Phase II annual stormwater report. Staff provided social media updates for the last month. Page views were up 34%, video views were up 100%, page reach totaled almost 1,500 people and our page had 9 new page likes. The highest performing posts were Trick or Treat, Community Campfire/Movie at Lake Holt and BPS Medicine Drop-Off. 
Mayor Turner: He attended Butner Public Safety’s National Night Out and praised BPS for an excellent job. He participated in the opening ceremony of the Lord Granville Agricultural Heritage Association Harvest Show. He attended the Granville County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors meeting and encouraged everyone to “shop small” on November 24th in support of local, small businesses. Mayor Turner participated in the Walk to School event with Wynngate students who attend Falls Lake Academy, to help promote safe walkability. He also attended the Domestic Violence Awareness event and assisted in the presentation of a group proclamation from all the County’s municipalities and the County Commissioners to the Granville County Domestic Violence Agency. Domestic violence is a serious problem touching all levels of society. 
Councilmember Branch: reminded everyone of the campfire and movie event on November 3 at Lake Holt. He also shared that BCA will meet on November 15 at 7:00 PM at Town Hall. 
Councilmember Birdsong: stated that there was no report from SGWASA. 
Councilmember Gooch: thanked Town staff and BPS for the work they do for Butner’s citizens.
Councilmember Lane: reported that small business loans are available from Kerr-Tar Council of Governments.
Councilmember Smoak: attended the TDA meeting and discussed holiday decorating plans by the Landscape and Beautification Committee to not decorate the cedar tree in Gazebo Park this year. They will buy a live tree this year and then purchase the new tree from Mosca in January at a discount.

Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee
The 9th Annual Community Campfire was held on Saturday, November 3 at 6:00 PM at Lake Holt. The Town provided the ingredients to make s’mores and the kids had a great time roasting marshmallows. Butner Community Association (BCA) hosted “Movie at the Lake” alongside this annual event. “Hotel Transylvania 2” was enjoyed by all on the big screen overlooking the lake.

Due to the observance of Veterans Day, the next meeting has been rescheduled for December 10.

Planning Board
The Butner Planning Board will meet on Thursday, November 8 at 7:00 PM in the Camp Butner Room at Town Hall. The purpose of this meeting is the second in a series of training workshops for the Board. Members of Town Council may be in attendance but no town business will be discussed or voted upon at this meeting.

Board of Adjustment
The Butner Board of Adjustment will not meet this month. 

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