The Butner Town Council met on September 5 for their Regular Monthly meeting.

Butner resident Lynn Bailey spoke in support of developing the Umstead Correctional Property for mixed used that could include affordable housing for young professionals, small retail businesses, a park, or community center. Rehabilitating the existing buildings would be costly to the taxpayers.  A mixed use development could help increase property and sales tax revenue.
HagarSmith Design was awarded a contract to perform a Conditional Assessment on the Umstead Correctional Complex. This assessment will determine the strength and weaknesses of the properties and will provide the Town and potential developers with enough information to make informed decisions.
The Town decided not to extend the East Lyon Station Rd. Greenway project using the Congestion Mitigation Air Quality Grant (CMAQ). The cost to complete the project using the CMAQ grant with their requirements was estimated at $531,000.  In comparison, it would cost the Town approximately $275,000 without using the grant.  
Renovations to the old Fire Station should be done within the next couple of weeks.
NCDOT froze 900 road and bridge projects. Luckily, the West Lyon Station realignment was not affected. 
Adult Fitness equipment (blue) for Lake Holt was ordered and will be installed near the children’s playground. A Granville County Recreation Grant helped fund the equipment. 
New round town limit signs will replace the current signs and should be more visible. The town limit will also mark with signs the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) area.
The façades on the Welcome to Butner Signs on Central Ave. Hwy 56 and Gate 1 Rd. will be replaced. They will include the Town logo and a reference to Camp Butner.    
Staff continues to work on a Suitability Study with the data collection complete. A public survey will be released followed by an Open House.
Chief Champion reminded the public to lock their car doors when parked at home. This will help deter and reduce vehicular breaking and entering.
BPS is enforcing the new Alarm Ordinance, for false alarms. A fine of $50 is issued on the fifth violation.  The ordinance is intended to eliminate habitual false alarms and providing the opportunity for the owners to repair their alarm systems.
National Night Out is October 1 at the BAP beginning at 5:00.
Mayor Turner read four letters from Butner-Stem second grade students who wrote to the Mayor with suggestions on how to improve Butner. They ranged from new playground equipment at Gazebo Park and a community pool to recruiting a Chick-Fil-A and a hospital. 

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