OCTOBER 2019  TOWN COUNCIL The Butner Town Council met on October 3 for their Regular Monthly meeting.
Mayor Turner recognized Butner Public Safety for October as Crime Prevention Month and for October 6-12 2019 as Fire Prevention Week.  The 2019 theme of Fire Prevention Week is “not Every Hero Wears a Cape.  Plan and Practice your Escape!”  October 1 was Butner’s National Night Out. Two proclamations previously presented to them.
Mayor Turner recognized October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month and noted the joint proclamation signed by the Granville County Board Chairman and all the County Municipal Mayors.
At staff’s request, Council approved the withdrawal of a Land Development Ordinance Text Amendment for building standards in the Central Ave. Mixed Use District. Additional modifications are being considered and will discussed at an upcoming Planning Board Meeting.
Following the required public hearings, Council approved two text amendments. The first amendment added microbreweries and microdistilleries in the Light Industrial District.  This will provide additional available space.  They are now allowed the same accessory uses as the smaller-scaled operations.
The second text amendment to the Butner Land Development Ordinance prohibited hazardous or noxious commercial uses. During the public hearing, Cecil Hudgins suggested in the future to consider uses that may leak or leach into the soil and cause contamination.   The list of prohibited uses are as follows: Acid manufacturing; Ammonia, bleaching powder or chlorine manufacturing; creosote manufacturing or treatment plants; distillation of bones, coal, petroleum, refuse, tar and wood; explosives, ammunition fireworks or gunpowder manufacturing; fat rendering, production of fats and oils from animal and vegetable products by boiling or distillation; garbage, offal and animal reduction and processing; junkyard; linseed oil, shellac, turpentine manufacturing or refining; nitrogenous tankage, fish meal or manufacturing or any fertilizer materials; oilcloth or linoleum manufacturing; ore reduction and pulp mills.
Town Manager Marrow reported that the Veteran’s Life Center is 2 weeks behind schedule and should open in April or May 2020.
Planner Gladwin updated the Council on uses of our recreational facilities. SGAA and Falls Lake Academy are the primary users.  However, tournaments, travel ball, community, church, Town and family events are also scheduled at the facilities. 
The Planning Board meeting has been moved to October 17.
BPS Chief Champion reminded the public to be careful when burning brush due to the dry conditions and low humidity.
In celebration of Fire Prevention Week, officers will visit local schools. The public is reminded to change their fire alarm batteries.  If anyone needs assistance, please contact Butner Public Safety at 919-575-6561.
Council complimented Butner Public Safety on a successful National Night Out and thanked BCA for cooking the hotdogs.
Granville County Tourism Development Office should launch their new website in October.

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