When residents receive their tax bills for 2020, if they own a motor vehicle that is registered to an address within the Town of Butner’s corporate limits, they will notice a $10 motor vehicle tax. 

As allowed by North Carolina General Statutes §20-97(b), the Town of Butner has elected to levy a $10 licensing tax on any motor vehicle resident in the Town.  The first $5.00 of the tax will be a revenue for the General Fund.  The remaining $5 must be used for maintaining, repairing, constructing, reconstructing, widening or improving public streets in the Town that do not form a part of the State highway system. 

As listed on Spring/Summer 2019 Newsletter

Town Council Adopts Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Budget

– No change to property tax rate ($0.365)

– Motor vehicle license tax of $10 per registered
   motor vehicle added:
            $5 will support regular Town operations
            $5 will be used for street improvements

– Cost-share with NCDOT for new sidewalk along
   West Lyon Station Road realignment

-Street Resurfacing: 18th Street between C and D
   Streets, 27th Street between E and F Streets,
    pothole repairs

-Capital outlay items include:
            Support vehicle for volunteer firefighters
           Special dryer for turnout gear
           Outdoor fitness equipment at Lake Holt
           Replacing Gazebo roof at Gazebo Park

-No change in fees for planning, recreation and

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