Butner Town Hall facilities are closed to the public, and we are not renting spaces for the foreseeable future. We will post once facilities reopen. Stay safe and healthy.

When residents receive their tax bills for 2020, if they own a motor vehicle that is registered to an address within the Town of Butner’s corporate limits, they will notice a $10 motor vehicle tax. 

As allowed by North Carolina General Statutes §20-97(b), the Town of Butner has elected to levy a $10 licensing tax on any motor vehicle resident in the Town.  The first $5.00 of the tax will be a revenue for the General Fund.  The remaining $5 must be used for maintaining, repairing, constructing, reconstructing, widening or improving public streets in the Town that do not form a part of the State highway system. 

As listed on Spring/Summer 2019 Newsletter

Town Council Adopts Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Budget

– No change to property tax rate ($0.365)

– Motor vehicle license tax of $10 per registered
   motor vehicle added:
            $5 will support regular Town operations
            $5 will be used for street improvements

– Cost-share with NCDOT for new sidewalk along
   West Lyon Station Road realignment

-Street Resurfacing: 18th Street between C and D
   Streets, 27th Street between E and F Streets,
    pothole repairs

-Capital outlay items include:
            Support vehicle for volunteer firefighters
           Special dryer for turnout gear
           Outdoor fitness equipment at Lake Holt
           Replacing Gazebo roof at Gazebo Park

-No change in fees for planning, recreation and

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