“These are times that try men’s soul,” Thomas Paine, The Crisis. We are truly living in times that try our souls. As Paine encouraged people of 1776 not to shrink from their duty, we too must not shrink from our duty. The coronavirus has touched us all in one way or another. We in Butner’s government have a responsibility for the safety and well-being of those we serve. Therefore, we are working with the health organizations and government agencies to take all precautions possible.
          We all have responsibilities to one another. We must put personal interest aside and create a true commitment to the greater needs. This is not the time to let fear and anger dominate us. It is not the time to argue. It is not the time to blame anyone. Nobody caused this pandemic. Plagues have been in this world throughout its history and people have overcame them. This too will be overcome by forming a human bond to fight it.

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