Butner Town Council Regular Monthly Meeting 
February 4, 2021 Items of Interest

  • This was the first meeting for new Council Member Judy Cheek. She was selected at a Special Meeting on January 21 to fill the vacant seat left by Jimmy Gooch. She thanked Council for the opportunity to serve and she looked forward to working with them.
  • The Audit report showed the Town in good financial standing. Through good planning and conservative spending, the Town was able to increase their General Fund by $628,055 with an ending total $8,617,183. Altec is the largest taxpayer while Murdock is the largest employer.
  • There are 28 Wynngate street assessments outstanding. 19 owe less than $50.  Three are delinquent and one in bankruptcy. Outstanding assessments total $4,216.  There is only one more year to collect.
  • The Finance Committee met on January 26 to consider items that were originally included in the current budget during the planning process but did not make it to the final budget due to the uncertainty brought about from the pandemic. BPS salaries were eligible for CARES Act reimbursement allowing a substantial savings.  The Finance Committee recommended and Council approved funding for a Police Car, Public Works Truck, landscaping, rifle options, laptops and monitors.  A budget amendment was approved to move money between departments; no additional Fund Balance was needed. 
  • The Town approved the budget calendar for FY 21-22.
  • A temporary on-call policy for BPS officers was approved. The policy is needed due to employee absences created by COVID-19 exposures and illness. 
  • Staff reports are now available on the website: Town Manager, Planning & Public Safety.
  • Duke Progress will be contacted for an update on the Hwy 56 light pole project. They had been waiting on NCDOT approval to move forward.
  • TM Marrow explained that his is looking into options for opening the BAP and the Sports Arena while continuing to follow the Governor’s Executive Orders. Some of his concerns include enforcing the COVID-19 guidelines, keeping the attendance low and cleaning.  With limited staff, enforcement and cleaning would be tough.  There is some money in the budget for some part-time workers.  Due to all the rain, the fields at the BAP are not usable and probably would not be through February.  Marrow also wants to ensure that the Town is not liable if someone gets COVID-19.  He is not opposed to opening; he just wants it done safely.  He will be meeting with SGAA and will talk with the Baseball Tournament organizer about options.  He will also discuss the issue at Wednesday’s manager meeting.    
  • Planning staff continue to work on 4 long-range planning Projects: 2040 Future Land Use Map (Council review in March) 2040 Goals and Objectives (Council review in April), Tar River Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan (Approval summer 2021), and 160D Land Development Ordinance Changes (Council approval March for phase 1).
  • Code Enforcement – 26 new cases in 2020; 23 resolved; 3 unresolved or being mitigated.
  • Tractor Supply has addressed all zoning comments. Staff is waiting final approval from other agencies before issuing stormwater/zoning permit.
  • Variety Mart at Hwy 15 S and Will Suit Rd. is changing their canopy.
  • The number of permits issued by the Town were down in 2020 (74) when compared to 2019 (100). This was due to the pandemic and the availability of sewer capacity.  However, 2020 saw some high profile projects coming to Bunter that included the headquarters of Nugget, a Tractor Supply store, additional investments in expansion of Food Lion’s and Altec facilities and an expansion of Jarco’s operations.
  • Officer D. Tanner and D. Davies have completed and passed the Basic Law Enforcement Training at Vance-Granville Community College. Coeburn will begin employment on January 4, 2020. Mr. Coeburn has completed BLET.
  • Mayor Turner announced that there would be some type of Memorial Day program. How much it involves the schools will depend upon their opening for in-person learning.
  • Public Works was thanked for picking up trash, noting that it really makes a difference.
  • Council Member Smoak reported that the Senior Services Advisory Committee met. Senior Center Director Kathy May will provide a summary of their services for our upcoming Butner Bugle Newsletter.
  • Council Member Lane reported that the Kerr-Tar COG still has COVID-19 loans available for struggling businesses. He or the COG can be contacted for more information.
  • Council Member Branch asked about the hand sanitization station that was vandalized outside the Sports Arena. Town Manager Marrow said it was replaced
  • The BCA meets on February 18 at 7 PM. They will discuss the Butner Chickin’ Pickin and other events.
  • Council Member McKellar announced that he was elected as UNRBA Vice-Chair
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