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The Planning and Zoning Department provides assistance to citizens, developers, and the general public regarding planning, development, zoning, code enforcement, and stormwater matters in addition to serving as staff for the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment.

Codes & Ordinances

The purpose of the Land Development Ordinance (LDO) is to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of the Town of Butner. This document regulates the use and development of all land within the corporate limits of the Town and the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ).
Butner Land Development Ordinance
Municipal Code of Ordinances
2016 Zoning Map

Ordinance Administrator

The Ordinance Administrator has review and recommendation responsibility for the following: LDO text amendments, zoning map amendments (rezoning), conditional zoning district classifications, concept plans for conditional zoning district classifications and special use permits, major subdivision preliminary and final plats, and the establishment of vested rights.

The Ordinance Administrator has final approval authority for the following: land development permits, minor subdivision plats, recombination plats, site plans, subdivision concept plans, site plan concept plans, tree preservation and protection plans, and permits for stormwater management and floodplain development.

Additional duties of the Ordinance Administrator include: establishing application content requirements, establishing a submission schedule for review of applications and appeals, maintaining the official zoning map and approvals of applications and appeals, and maintain the official zoning map and related materials. Duties also include enforcing LDO regulations, maintaining the official copy of the LDO and ensuring it is updated upon the approval of a text amendment and maintaining a record of all permits and approvals.
Watershed Map

Land Use Planning

2020 Land Use Plan
This is a comprehensive plan that directs future growth for Butner for the next 5-10 years.

Gateway Small Area Plan
This Plan directs future development of approximately 400 acres located along I-85 between Exit 189/Gate Two Road and Exit 191/NC-56.

Applications and Helpful Information

Planning Fee Schedule
Table 6-1 Dimensional Standards
Description of Zoning Districts
Map or Text Amendment Application

Special Use Permit Application
Variance Application
Temporary Use Permit Application
Zoning Permit Application
Site Plan Review Checklist
Fair Housing Information


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