The Town of Butner is in the watershed for Falls Lake, meaning that rain and stormwater in Butner and southern Granville County drain to Falls Lake. Falls Lake is also a drinking water supply. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and State of North Carolina have identified Falls Lake as being an impaired waterbody (Clean Water Act, Section 303(d) list), relative to its intended use as a drinking water supply, due to nutrients being deposited by runoff (nutrient loading).

As a result of this determination, the State has mandated a set of rules, The Falls Nutrient Management Strategy (Falls Rules). As other areas around the state and country face water quality concerns, it has become the responsibility of those jurisdictions contributing to nutrient loading to limit their negative environmental impacts. Instead of waiting on the federal government to impose one-size-fits-all clean up requirements upon areas that drain into the lake, Falls Watershed jurisdictions, stakeholders, and state regulators worked together to formulate their own strategy. The jurisdictions have been working together with the state to negotiate the most favorable rules possible, which were then made effective by the NC Rules Review Commission on January 15, 2011. The Rules affect new and existing development, agricultural, sewer, and septic treatment and discharge throughout the watershed. The proposed timeline should have the Lower Falls Lake (near Raleigh’s water intake) in compliance within 10 years and the entire lake within 20 years. The Falls Rules are very stringent but are a better alternative than the federally-imposed plan, called a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL).

The Town of Butner has teamed up with Granville County, Person County, City of Creedmoor and the Town of Stem to form a regional organization for stormwater management. This organization is the Granville-Person Stormwater Management Services (SUDA).

Butner regulations for stormwater for new development or redevelopment are located in the Land Development Ordinance, Article 15.
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