Why am I getting a stormwater fee?

The stormwater fee included in your tax bill is the revenue base for the stormwater utility. This utility is responsible for public services  related to stormwater (such as drainage maintenance and flood control) as well as the measures necessary to comply with Falls Rules.

What does the fee revenue fund?

A small portion of the stormwater fee revenue from each jurisdiction is used to fund administration, technical, and staffing costs associated with running the utility. Across the five jurisdictions, the following major stormwater public services as well as other, more minor, services will also be funded by the stormwater fee:

  • Falls-required on-site wastewater system inventories
  • Falls Stage I Retrofit Projects
  • Water quality related services of environmental health services
  • Soil and Water Conservation District surface water quality activities
  • Water Supply Watershed Rules compliance
  • Water Quality Permit (NPDES Phase II permit) compliance
  • Upper Neuse River Basin Association memberships
  • Stormwater services manage
  • Cooperative lake monitoring

The Falls Rules require and inventory of development since 2006, including the nutrient loading from those areas. From that inventory, measures must be taken to reduce the amount of nutrients in runoff entering Falls Lake (Falls Stage I Retrofit Projects, listed above).

How and when will I be billed?

The stormwater fee will be included in your annual tax bill sent out by Granville County in July. Owners of multiple properties will receive one bill per parcel.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions

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