The Town of Butner, North Carolina is requesting proposals from interested consulting firms to update our existing Land Development Ordinance (“LDO”) to reflect the Chapter 160D reorganization mandated by the North Carolina General Assembly. There have been additions and modifications to the Town’s LDO throughout the years, but   land use regulations have not gone through a full review or an update since their inception. The Town has multiple land use ordinances which have been adopted and included in the LDO including, zoning, flood damage prevention, stormwater quality and discharge management control, and subdivisions. Any and all of the aforementioned ordinances should reflect changes mandated by Chapter 160D.  In addition, the Town is in the process of completing an update to its Comprehensive Plan (“2040 Plan”) and changes to the LDO stemming from the 2040 Plan will be a part of this project.  Specifically, the integration of design standards for zoning districts and the creation of a new zoning district associated with a Small Area Plan.   Attached is the detailed RFP.  Deadline for submission is October 26, 2020 by 4:00 PM EST.   

2020 FRP 106D_TOB & Project schedule

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