The Town of Butner had Duke Energy install LED street lights in all of our residential areas about a year and half ago.  Citizens are reporting that many of them are starting to have a purple glow. The change in color is due to manufacturer defect we are seeing in some areas throughout our DEC territory, affecting about 1% of our recently installed LED lights. We believe this issue is isolated to one manufacturing batch. Other utilities across the nation using the same stock of lights are experiencing similar issues. We are working with the vendor to better understand the issue and they are taking steps to ensure it does not happen again.

In the meantime, we have set up a special request feature on our streetlight reporting tool to report these lights and get them replaced:, click on NC and then enter “Butner, NC” on the map search function. It will show all the lights on the map in Butner. You can locate the offending light on the map, click on the little icon for that light and then “request service.” Click the box that says “Light is Too Bright/Too Dim/Discolored.” That will create a work order, and we will send crews out to replace it. Anyone can use this tool to report these lights.


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