Butner has a variety of local and town committees with memberships of citizens, council members and staff. Council members and staff also serve on many regional boards and committees. More committees are listed under Related Content. If you are interested in serving on any of our boards or committees, please contact Town Hall. 

Town Advisory Committees
Budget & Finance (Town Council Subcommittee) – Michel Branch, Bill McKellar, Vickie Smoak; Staff Advisors: Tommy Marrow, Town Manager and Susan Hiscocks, Finance Director
Community Building – 
Bill McKellar, Darlene James, Linda Jordon, Betsy Dixon, Gwendolyn Russell, Terry Turner, Elbert Oakely, Michel Branch

Landscape & Beautification – Christene Emory, Vickie Smoak, Diane Buchanan, Bill Crosby, Elbert Oakley
Military Holiday Committee – Terry Turner, Christene Emory, Archie Gupton, Bill McKellar, Mark Tuck,  Chandler Wynne, Rev Marcos Leon, Gerald Seibert, Russell Downs and Allan Kempinski

Regional Boards and Committees
Chamber of Commerce – Terry Turner
Citizens Advisory Committee for Environmental Affairs – Terry Turner
Fireman’s Relief Fund – Chris Emory, Terry Turner, Chief JG Champion, Captain Brad Knutson, Sgt R McAdams
Greenway Advisory Committee (GGAC) – Jimmy Gooch
Kerr-Tar Regional Council of Governments – Tom Lane

KTCOG RPO: TCC – Mike Ciriello, Tommy Marrow 
Restoration Advisory Committee – Vicky Cates 
Tourism Development Authority – Vickie Smoak
SGWASA Board of Directors – Jimmy Gooch, Bill Birdsong
Upper Neuse River Basin Association (UNRBA) – Bill McKellar 


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