Acquiring Butner Public Safety

In 2013, the State of North Carolina released Butner Public Safety. The agency was acquired by the Town of Butner. The acquisition provided for more transparency between the Town, its citizen and the agency providing fire and police services for the area. After Butner Public Safety (BPS) became a Town department, repairs and renovations were made to the BPS building and parking lot. New equipment has been purchased including a brush truck, body cameras and a new fire truck. The Town is beginning to plan for renovations to the Old Fire House on the corner of F Street and Central Avenue. 

Adoption of Town Ordinances

The Town adopted the Municipal Code of Ordinances on October 30, 2007. This legal document delineates the laws that govern the Town and what activities, uses, behaviors, etc. are permitted to occur within the Town. The Code applies only to properties and events occurring within the Town limits. The Town adopted the Land Development Ordinance on September 24, 2008. Town staff worked with a consultant to draft this legal document that describes review processes, powers of local boards, zoning and land uses, development standards, etc. The Ordinance applies to properties both within the Town limits and the extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ).

Development of Town Websites

Town staff worked with its consultant, North Star Marketing, to develop two websites. The Butner Athletic Park (BAP) website launched in 2014. This site was funded by a Granville County Tourism Development Authority (TDA) grant. Funded by the Town, the new Town website launched in 2015. Both sites are technically supported by North Star, but all updates are done by Town staff. 

Butner Gateway Small Area Plan

The Butner Gateway Small Area Plan was created in 2013 in collaboration with the Kerr-Tar Council of Governments. The original Plan provided a vision for a multi-use development on approximately 400 acres. Understanding the potential for this area and how regional transportation improvements could impact development in our area, Town Council approved consulting with Kimley-Horn to further develop and market this Plan. Kimley-Horn conducted market analyses and development projections for this area. The Butner Gateway Small Area Plan was adopted in 2015. Since adoption, land within the Plan area has been rezoned and development guidelines have been adopted by the Town. As time passes, interest in this area continues to grow.

Facility Upgrades to Gazebo Park & D Street Field

Gazebo Park was part of the Incorporation Bill. The Town immediately resurfaced the entire parking lot and added playground equipment. Underground electrical improvements have been made. The Town purchased adjacent property and this year, demolished the existing building; expanding the park to the south. The D Street Field is located behind Town Hall and shares a parking lot with First Baptist Church. This field is an auxiliary practice field for SGAA and local teams. Over time, the Town has made some improvements to the facility including a new roof and other repairs to the concessions building. In October 2017, Town Council adopted rules for both Gazebo Park and the D Street Field. Staff will work on signage for both facilities.


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