Safety Exchange Zone

Butner Public Safety has now designated the public parking area and lobby of Butner Public Safety as a Safety Exchange Zone. Both areas are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is a Safety Exchange Zone?

Trading in public locations has not been enough to prevent people from being robbed, assaulted, or in extreme cases, murdered as a result of a social media trade arrangement or during child custody exchanges.

A safe exchange zone is where parties who have made arrangements to buy or sell items over social media such as Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist can meet to complete the transaction. This area is also designated for child custody exchanges. The designated areas are under 24-hour video surveillance. If requested, a Butner Public Safety Officer will stand-by during the transaction for safety only. Butner Public Safety does not get involved with, enforce, guarantee, or become a party in any way to the transaction of the individuals trading.

Although a Safe Exchange Zone is not a 100% guarantee against unpredictable behavior, this is an initiative to make transactions safer.

How does it work?

After agreeing to meet the buyer/seller at Butner Public Safety, park in one of the parking spots in front of the Safe Exchange Zone sign. The transaction can then be conducted on the sidewalk in front of the Safe Exchange Zone sign. If you wish to have an officer stand-by, please call 919-575-6561 ext. 0 and ask the Telecommunicator if you can have an officer stand-by with you at the Safe Exchange Zone. If you would like for the transaction to be conducted indoors, enter through the public entrance and advise the Telecommunicator that you would like to conduct a Safe Exchange transaction in the lobby.

Note that weapons are not permitted inside Butner Public Safety. The trade or sale of the following items are prohibited in the Safe Exchange Zone:

  • Guns or any other weapons
  • Hazardous materials and explosives
  • Illegal drugs or narcotic


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