The Town of Butner’s Finance Department is responsible for establishing and maintaining an accounting and reporting system in accordance with NC General Statutes, federal laws and regulations and generally accepted accounting principles. We manage all aspects of the town’s finances to ensure financial stability and responsible stewardship, adhering to principles of integrity, quality, collaboration and customer service.

The Finance Department assists the Town Council, town manager and town departments with the management of financial resources and activities including debt and cash management, payroll, vendor payment, financial reporting, purchasing and revenue collection. Finance staff also coordinates risk management activities such as property casualty insurance program and aggressive claims administration.

The division conducts its investment procedures in accordance with North Carolina General Statute 159-30 – 159-33.

Business Privilege License
On May 29, 2014 Senate Bill S.L. 2013-3 was signed into law which includes revisions that affect business privilege licenses. Beginning July 1, 2014, cities and towns can only issue a privilege license to businesses that are “physically located” in the city limits using the same rate schedule previously charged during the 2013-2014 license year. This law also eliminates (nearly) all city and county privilege license taxes (PLTs) for tax years beginning on or after July 1, 2015. The only local PLTs that will remain in 2015 and forward will be the beer and wine taxes authorized by G.S. 105-113.77 and G.S. 105-113.78.

To locate your business or start a new business here in Butner, please contact the Planning Department and obtain a Zoning Permit.



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