Greenways are beneficial to communities by providing recreation, alternative transportation, improved water quality, habitat conservation, and flood control. Greenways increase property values by serving as an amenity to residential and commercial developments.

East Lyon Station Road Greenway
This trail is part of a long range plan for pedestrian and bicycle connections throughout Butner and connecting to other trails in Granville County as part of the Granville Greenways. The trail is 0.6 miles along East Lyon Station Road starting at the Food Lion Shopping Center and ending at Telecom Drive.

East Lyon Station Road Greenway Extension
Kimley-Horn has been selected to do the design work for this project. Once design work is complete, the Town will do a bid selection process for the construction phase. This portion will extend the existing greenway down to just past Three Wishes and will be approximately 0.42 miles in length. The extension will make the greenway approximately 1.5 miles in length from Three Wishes up to Pond Drive. The Town envisions extending this trail all the way down East Lyon Station Road to Gate Two Road.

East Lyon Station Road to Pond Drive Greenway
This trail was completed in Spring 2015. The 1/2 mile trail connects to the existing 0.6 mile East Lyon Station Road Greenway providing access to about one mile passive recreation on the eastern side of Town. The Town envisions extending this trail up to NC 56 with a pedestrian crossing at the Dollar General.

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