The Town of Butner maintains 32 miles of storm drainage infrastructure, mostly made up of open channel ditches on either side of 15.9 miles of Town-maintained streets.


Reclamation of Ditches
Since the Town’s incorporation in 2007, the Public Works Department has been making progress on its program to reclaim the Town’s conveyance system of ditches. Most were overgrown and did not function well as a result of the State’s low level of service in the many years preceding incorporation. The first round of reclamation work has been completed. Ditch reclamation involves removing large overgrown vegetation and sediment deposits that are impeding the flow of stormwater and causing standing water or erosion.

Ditch Maintenance/Repair
Maintenance of these open channel ditches is primarily reactive. Butner’s Public Works Department receives complaints regarding poor drainage, standing water, or flooding. The town receives frequent drainage complaints. Response to drainage complaints is prioritized: issues that cause street drainage problems are resolved first, then ones that cause private property damage or issues. The Town works only in its own rights of way, except for some exceptional circumstances requiring work in North Carolina Department of Transportation rights of way. The Town does not work in private drainage ways or in streams.

To resolve drainage issues, the Town completes a number of driveway culvert replacement projects every year. The Town’s driveway culvert replacement projects are funded with Powell Bill funds.

Leaf Collection
The Town does not have a leaf collection program. Leaf burning is allowed, but items intentionally cut from trees or shrubs, and any fallen limbs over 4″ in diameter must be hauled to the dump.

The Town will conduct monthly inspections of catchments and clear any debris in the catchment.

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