The Town’s outreach program informs the target audiences about stormwater through a number of mechanisms, including a website, a stormwater hotline, a bill insert to water customers, a brochure for construction workers and construction site operators, public meetings, and community events. The Town also joined the Clean Water Education Partnership (CWEP) in 2010 for their outreach and education work in this area of the state.

The Town’s main phone number (919) 575-3032 has been designated as a stormwater hotline to call report stormwater pollution issues to Town staff. The Town maintains a log of calls, and staff response and/or resolution.

As part of Granville-Person Stormwater Services, the regional stormwater utility formed by Town of Butner, City of Creedmoor, Town of Stem, Granville County and Person County, two utility bill inserts have been distributed with the South Granville Water and Sewer Authority water and sewer bill.

Litter brochure

Water brochure

The Town has purchased an EnviroScape to use at public events to educate kids and adults about stormwater.

The Town has been a member of the Clean Water Education Partnership (CWEP) since 2010 and distributes their educational materials at Town Hall. CWEP aims to protect North Carolina’s waterways from stormwater pollution through public education and outreach. CWEP is a cooperative effort among local governments to educate citizens about protecting water quality in the Tar-Pamlico, Neuse and Cape Fear River Basins. Partners provide funding and support. Cooperators have helped by providing radio and television spots and images.

Did you know how you care for your lawn can hurt the environment? Let the Sodfather tell you how to keep our local waterways clean: The Sodfather – Clean Water Education Partnership.

For more information, please visit CWEP online at

Waste water in the world. Grass die and all life on the Earth.Image: CWEP

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