Why Do I Need a Permit?
The Town of Butner has adopted a Municipal Code of Ordinances and Land Development Ordinances. The Municipal Code of Ordinances describes and regulates town operations, standards and regulations. The Land Development Ordinance describes and regulates land development, uses and zoning. Based on these rules and standards, the Town is able to regulate how land is developed and used within the Town limits and Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). 

Land Development/Zoning Permit
Complete an application and submit to the Planning Department. Fees vary by the application type which include, but are not limited to, new development, accessory buildings or structures, and residential additions. Major and minor subdivisions require plan review by planning staff.
Zoning Permit

Home Occupations
To operate a business from your residence, you need to obtain a zoning permit. Section 7.4.3 further explains the regulations for home occupations. For more information, please contact the Planning Department.
Zoning Permit

Stormwater Permit
If a residential project will disturb 1/2 acre (21,780 sf) of land, a stormwater plan may be required. Planning staff and our consulting engineer will work with applicants to understand the process and ensure projects comply with regulations as required by State and Federal laws and regulations. Click here for more information.

Temporary Use Permit
A temporary use permit is required for special events or temporary uses as described in the Land Development Ordinance, Section 7.5.3. An application is required and the permit fee is $20.00. Types of uses which require a permit are: Automobile Sales, Carnival or Festival, Tent Sales, Seasonal Agricultural Sales (produce stands, Christmas tree sales, etc.), Temporary Storage in Portable Containers (PODs or storage cubes), Temporary Construction Trailers, and Temporary Sales Trailers. For more information, please contact the Planning Department.
Temporary Use Permit

Yard Sale Permit
To host a yard sale at Gazebo Park on Saturdays, a permit is required. The fee per yard sale is $20.00 and is available at Town Hall during business hours. You are required to keep the permit on your person during the sale as Butner Public Safety will check for valid permits. Additional rules for yard sales apply. If you want to host a yard sale at your residence, a permit is not required.

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