The Town of Butner prepared this page as an attempt to aid in your need to recover from any storm damage. The potential impact on this area may be great and we want you to be ready and knowledgeable about available resources. 

We have had significant rainfall in our area over the past few days. You should expect ditches to have water in them. If they do not flow or begin to flood your property, you should file a complaint. Not all roads in Butner are owned and maintained by the Town and depending on the ditch’s location determines responsibility. If the ditch runs along a road that is not listed below, it is considered either institutional or private. The Town does not provide maintenance on private property. To register a complaint, you will need to provide your name, telephone number, address, and a description of the problem.

If the ditch runs along one of the following roads, it is owned & maintained by NC DOT. Please contact Jason Lee at (919)693-8164 or
West of I-85: A, B, C, D, West G, H, 12th, 29th, and 33rd; Central Avenue/Gate #2 Road, Wilkins Road, and West Lyon Station Road; industrial sections of 20th and 26th Streets. Down West B Street this includes Coley Road, Ridge Road, Amsterdam Lane, and Roycroft Road. Also includes Westbrook Drive and Veazy Road. 

East of I-85: East Lyon Station Road, Will Suitt Road, Green Road, W B Clark Road, Joe Peed Road, Aerial Avenue, and Telecom Drive/Ivac Way; streets within Blackstone Village Subdivision; US Hwy 15.  On Hwy 56 this includes Washington Avenue and Rogers Pointe Lane. 

If the ditch runs along one of these roads, it is owned & maintained by the Town of Butner. Please contact Town Hall at (919)575-3032 or
West of I-85: 4th – 11th, 13th – 16th, 18th – 33rd Streets (excluding the portion of 29th that in within Murdoch’s campus), and Waste Water Road.
East of I-85: South Campus Drive and the streets within Wynngate Subdivision. 

Article XVIII of the Butner Municipal Code allows burning of limbs and leaves that have fallen to be burned within the town limits, provided tree branches do not exceed 4 inches in diameter. Fallen limbs greater than 4 inches in diameter, cut limbs of any size, fallen trees, felled trees, or any shrubs that have been cut or trimmed must be removed from the property and shall not be burned within the corporate limits of the Town of Butner. No person shall kindle or maintain any outdoor fire or authorize any fire to be kindled or maintained on any land unless the location of such fire is at least 50 feet from any dwelling, structure, or residence other than a dwelling, structure or residence owned or occupied by the person doing such burning and adequate provisions are made to prevent fire from spreading to within 50 feet of any dwelling, structure or residence not owned or ocupied by the person doing such burning. For the purposes of this article, “felled” means a tree that is cut, pushed, or otherwise removed from its roots or the ground by human action. The Town Manager reserves the right to prohibit any and all outdoor burning if it is determined to be hazardous, a nuisance, or affecting public health. Municipal Code

Travel is hazardous in North Carolina on all roads south of US 64 and east of I-73/74. Motorists should not drive in these areas. GPS systems are routing users into areas not recommended for travel by NCDOT. 
Granville County Updates on Road Closures
I-40 closed between Wilmington and I-95: Motorists are advised not to travel on I-40 between I-95 and Wilmington due to the uncertainty of flooding conditions. As the situation is rapidly changing, NCDOT is doing its best to report these closures.

What To Do After a Flood
Residential Damage Inspection Worksheet
Requesting FEMA Assistance
Local Road Conditions
Local Weather Conditions


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