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Welcome to Butner

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A rural southern town with a unique history, Butner offers a simple way of life for its residents. Located just north of Durham and the capital city of Raleigh, Butner offers the best of both worlds; easy access to city amenities, but with a quiet place to call home. Butner has a rich history of agriculture, military and institutions. Originally an agricultural community that became a training camp, Camp Butner, during World War II, Butner has a unique past that no other town can claim. During its days as a training camp, John Umstead hospital was built for returning veterans. Now there are multiple institutions as well as many industrial entities that are the primary employers for Butner, including the new Central Regional Hospital. As the triangle area continues to grow, Butner expects to see a lot of new industrial growth bringing more residents and commercial development.

On November 1, 2007, Butner was incorporated and governed by a council-manager form of government. The Town Council has made it their priority to make Butner the best place to live. The Soldiers Memorial Sports Arena has been renovated to preserve this piece of the town’s history and provide recreational opportunities for all residents. A town hall has been designed and construction began July, 2010. In less than three years since incorporation, more than five grants have been received. These grants will help the town build a new outdoor recreation complex, construct a greenway to encourage pedestrian travel and improve air quality, expand pedestrian access with new sidewalks, a pedestrian plan for the entire town, and add playground equipment at the Central Avenue Gazebo Park. The Council has also made improvements at Lake Holt Concession building and additional landscaping at the Central Avenue Gazebo Park.



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